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Permissions for Fangirling/4th Wall

1. Other Marvel Players!

Kamala is a huge fan of the Avengers as they exist in her world and tends to know some details about them. But I try to keep it vague as she would obviously only know about them as they present their public persona.

Similarly, she'll assume that MCU characters are their 616 counterparts.

So please comment below and let me know what you are comfortable with regarding what information Kamala will know about your character!

2. People from glorious nerd canons.

So. Kamala is a nerd of things that exist proper in her world. Star Wars definitely exists. Star Trek probably as well as Doctor Who, Jurassic Park, etc. THE CLASSIC NERD STUFF. So let me know if it's okay to fourth wall a little bit. KAMALA KNOWS THE RULE OF "DON'T TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THEIR FUTURE" so she won't try to reveal anything important. But either way, let me know!

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