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Application for Savrou

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Tag: kamala khan (ms. marvel)

Name: Kamala Khan. Alias: Ms. Marvel
Canon: Marvel Comics
Canon Point: Chapter 6 in the second run of Ms. Marvel
Age: I believe Kamala is about 15
History: From the Marvel Wiki


Kamala Khan has always been an outsider looking in.

She's a plucky girl who has her friends at school and always gets by without drawing too much attention to herself and does her best to fit in with the crowd. Keyword being "does her best". Her Muslim faith has always made her stand out amongst her peers. She wants to know what bacon is but cannot eat it. She wants to be cool and go to parties but she doesn't want to drink. She wants to be true to herself but she also wants to fit in and she ends up being a puzzle piece that doesn't quite fit in. She lives in Jersey City, looking across the river towards Manhattan and the Avengers HQ, away from the action. Kamala doesn't know where she belongs and is constantly exploring different labels and parts of herself.

However her search for her identity leads her to find solace in her identity as the super hero Ms. Marvel. On the first night she receives her powers (thanks to some Inhuman Terrigan Mist), it is a quote from the Quran that encourages Kamala to step forward and use her powers to save a girl in her class that had been patronizing and cruel to her because of her faith. That is when she realizes that because she has these powers she has a responsibility to help people and a reason for why everything has happened to her.

Initially, Kamala shifts her form to appear as the original Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers). However, she comes to realize that she as Kamala can do as much good and becomes a Ms. Marvel that is representative of herself instead of copying another. She's plucky, resourceful, and surprisingly adept at this hero business despite having little mentoring in the beginning.

Her success likely stems from the fact that Kamala is devoted to doing the right thing and to a very stubborn degree. She does not want to lie to her parents about her whereabouts but her faith leads her to believe that she must do the right thing, even if other people can't see it. Her optimism is what helps her defeat her first enemy, the Inventor. He tries to kidnap teens and use them to his own end but Kamala makes a rousing speech that they need to believe in the future because they are the future and not to let someone take it from them. She is also apparently infamous for speaking out of turn at Mosque. However the youth leader knows that Kamala is an honest person who does her best to do good and so gives her his blessing even if she admits she must lie to her parents to do it.

Which isn't to say that always works in her favor. In someways Kamala is a bit naive. She believes that her attempts to do good will be recognized and rewarded only to find that this isn't always the case. Even when she takes down a real estate mogul gentrifying her city and using her face to do it, not everyone who opposed Ms. Marvel because of it automatically turns to her side. This is a harsh truth for Kamala to learn because her real life friend, Nakia, is the leader of the anti-Ms. Marvel protesters and Kamala needs to accept that, at this point, she cannot win her friend over.

Even though she's an Avenger now, Kamala is young and so she is sometimes petulant and sulky. She is upset when her parents won't let her go out to a party like the other kids even if she wants to please then. She gets unfairly mad at her friend Bruno for getting a girlfriend even though she was too busy being an Avenger to hang out with him. She also gets mad at Nova/Sam for how he causes "too much collateral damage" and openly chews him out.

However, even if Kamala gets angry, in the end hergenuine nature shines usually through and she is willing to listen to what people have to say or to admit that she was wrong or hasty. Indeed, she forgives the girl who initially mocked her, when she sees how much her classmate has matured and grown. Though she is strong (both mentally and physically) and not afraid to play "strict, tough, hero", Kamala actually does her best to avoid violence and collateral damage as much as possible and prefers to try to talk things out.

Finally, Kamala is a massive nerd. She loves Star Wars, X-Files, Doctor Who, you name it. But most of all she loves the Avengers. She spends her time writing fanfiction about them and posting on message boards. So getting to be a hero is a huge form of wish fulfillment for her so she's determined to have the best quips and the coolest poses just like her heroes. And when she gets to meet them in a team up it is squee city. Sometimes the double identity thing is a little bit messy but for Kamala she gets to live her dream and discover who she really is.

Contracts: Kamala is a little suspicious but believe it's her job as a hero and Avenger to scope out the situation and help if help is needed. She is a bit concerned about missing school though...


Kamala is a polymorph which means she can stretch, deform, expand, or grow her entire body as well as any specific parts such as her limbs. Her powers also allow her to heal at a rapid rate as long as she does not continue to use her powers. She must rest in her normal form or else the healing will stop. Kamala can also fully imitate the appearance of others down to to their voice and clothing. However, this power is very difficult for her to use and maintain for very long.


-Naive and inexperienced
-Can get unfairly annoyed with people
-Somewhat petulant when criticized
-Tries to take on too many things at once

-Ms. Marvel outfit (top, pants, scarf, mask)

Network Sample: [So being a millennial and a nerd means that thankfully Kamala adjusts to her MID pretty fast. It's basically like a big ship-wide Facebook married Skype with a little bit of Readit on the side. Cool. She's got it.

Okay Kamala, time to do your Avengers work. This is serious business and a solo mission. Can't screw it up. Take a deep breath, turn it on, and hit record.

The image of a teen girl with a mask on broadcasts across the network.]

Hello everyone, I'm Ms. Marvel and I come representing the Avengers. ...The Avengers of Earth. We're basically a bunch of superheroes that save the world and... do good and stuff. [Smooth Kamala, moving on.] Anyway, I'm here to help make sure everyone totes gets back home safely. I just have a feeeeew questions. Important questions!

1. Has anyone else representing the Avengers shown up here?
2. Have you encountered any alien life forms that were dangerous? If so, what were they?
3. How much do we know about this mission? Any estimate on how long it will take?

[She puffs out her chest and looks in the camera doing her best to look authoritative and unconcerned. She did watch the world end, so she's seen worse, but there is a part of her that's just a bit concerned about how long this is going to take. Her expression wavers a bit.]

4. Uhh. Does this thing here connect to any other networks? Like maybe the internet so you could email... like... a school paper or something. Just curious!
[There's a pause. Like she really really wants to ask something but can't decide if she should. No, she can't resist.]

...Also, are we really for real in space? Like Star Trek, going where no one has gone before? Or is there some kind of Rebel Alliance out there fighting an evil Empire?

Prose/Action Sample: Test drive meme (sorry I failed to respond to anything it was my bad...)